Swords of Cygnus 2018 Calendar

We have been working recently on a daring, controversial project as an effort to fight stigmas and empower ourselves and the wonderful women who love this sport as we do. This project has formed into a beautifully composed calendar for 2018 thanks to the help of amazing photographer Tony Cooney. N.B Contains Nudity IMPORTANT: Once you have placed an order email to confirm your postage address.


Cygnus Donations

Swords of Cygnus are touring the European circuit to challenge as many teams as we can in preparation for the World Championships next May. Training and touring all come at a significant personal cost to the fighters. As well as massive amounts of time we also put a lot of funding into trying to expand the sport to involve more women through training and putting on shows for local festivals and events. Any donations are greatly appreciated to help achieve our goal of women's expansion in this sport and of course, going for gold in World Championships!