Fighting with the UK FED for two years. Founding member of Swords of Cygnus and our most experienced warrior. Her weapon of choice is Longsword. Sofie loves the power you feel when a hit strikes home and the way it makes you move the whole body. “It’s all in the roll of the hips.”




Let me introduce our Team Captain, Rexie. Recruited in August 2016. Founding member of Swords of Cygnus and viking enthusiast. Steph is most practised with Sword and Shield but aspires to wield the Polearm. Steph will be kicking ass at competitions this year.




Recruited in September 2016. Founding member of Swords of Cygnus lover of all things bohurt. Jo aspires to graduate onto the profight circuit in 2018. Competing currently across Europe. Her favourite weapon may be the falchion but nothing beats a well finished shield punch.




Sam is a fighter from the ISCA knights, UK Federation contingent. She has a vast athletic history including competing in boxing. Joining us for our first international tournament in Germany 2017. Sam made a startling entrance into the sport. Sam is also building up to more profight competitions after her debut tournament at Plymouth Rebellion.