Part 3: A Hobbit at Heart

For all you Lord of the Rings and Hobbit fans out there, you need to get yourself a sister like mine. Half way into my adventures down under I woke up at our next stop. I was expecting more hikes around the Tauranga tourist spots but I was a little grouchy due to a lack of rest and a near constant schedule. My frown turned swiftly upside down upon the discovery that my sister had booked a little surprise for me. A tour around Hobbiton and the Shire! Having read the books at 11 years old, I can safely say I am a Lord of the Rings fanatic. Owing to my stature and passion for second breakfast, I identify closely with the hobbit population.


After much posing in front of a variety of Hobbit holes and breathtaking views across the valleys we journeyed to the Green Dragon Inn. Every adventurous Hobbits dream with beer (it comes in pints), food, roaring fires and cosy chairs for one and all. The first thought that came to my mind was ‘this would be heavenly after a tournament’. Imagine hobbit sized sabatons!


There was even a workshop for fettling armour!


Was this Elevensies or Afternoon Tea?


Hungry Hobbitses being healthy and bulking up on calories! I shall be back very soon with my brief visit to Wellington and my Rotorua rollercoaster.

Train hard, fight easy.

Trouble over and out


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