Part 2: Blood and Boulders

Part 2 of my travels necessitates the introduction of two brothers from Einherjar Viking Sportswear, Frederik and Mathias from the Danish team, Brotherhood. I wanted to take part in their competition. The best photo of you wearing an item of their merchandise wins more Einherjar treats!

My warrior sisters at Swords of Cygnus and I had just received our outfits before I left for New Zealand and boy is it good stuff. It looks good, feels good and most importantly is perfect for working out. Like most women, I love getting new clothes, especially gym gear which makes me feel good too.


The Swords of Cygnus founders’ entry after our UK Eliminations Tournament

New Zealand is well known for its picturesque landscapes and stunning scenery; the perfect opportunity to capture the ultimate photo to promote my passions.

I was determined to find the perfect location to showcase my favourite Vegvisir leggings. Depicting the 19th century Icelandic symbol which stop you from losing your way in the world. It seemed appropriate as I explored the epic panoramas of the Abel Tasman Coastline.


In hindsight, what I thought was the perfect setting for the perfect picture perhaps should not have been a rock in the middle of a river. But, I had a vision, so upon my sister’s agreement I pranced off into the bush to change into my favourite outfit of the trip. Yes, I have been carrying my leggings around in my rucksack in case a moment such as this should occur. I am dedicated and may have a slightly competitive streak. Einherjar for me represents part of my extended HMB family. Half a world away from my warrior sisters but reunited with my sister in blood.


There is nothing quite like a sibling’s love, which my sister proved in the making of this photo. My heart skipped a beat when she slipped on the rocks, the unforgiving boulders ripping a bloody gash in her knee. She overcame the sight of blood to carry on the photoshoot and capture the perfect shot! The will of the warrior is within her, true sister of mine!


Basically, she had a domestic with the rocks’, in the wise words of my dear friend Lily. Please read in thick Birmingham accent.

You’ll be glad to hear my sisters little domestic with the rocks may have been bloody but all ended well. After a day of limping and both of us laughing so hard it hurt, she was fine and dandy. The camera was also fine after a few days in an incubator of rice. Apparently submerging one’s camera in rice absorbs all the moisture out. A great fix if it starts to malfunction after taking a dip in lovely cool river water.

Lesson number two in troubles travels; rice is useful, two packets of it and a tub will cure a camera.

After all that I suppose I should share the result, which I have to say I am more than rather pleased with.


Fingers crossed we win!

Oh and of course, Happy Birthday to the SØJBORG brothers!



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