Swords of Cygnus Unify

Without doubt the Invicta Shield was a superb tournament to kick off the year of buhurt. I don’t think anyone can say that with more tenacity than me. The UK women’s split into regional teams putting us up against our southern sisters from the ISCA knights as well our training partners from the Northern Wolves and of course the home team of Invicta! Prior to the event Swords of Cygnus invited women fighters of the UK whom we’ve trained with and fought alongside over the last year to join our ranks for the Buhurt League. The sport has gone from strength to strength in the United Kingdom and the unity that has garnered between the fighters led to one simple solution.

Photographer: Lilly

There were 14 female combatants at the tournament and 4 British regional 3v3 teams fielded. The day was a win win situation all round. The buhurt was hard which only meant that those opponents joining us in the Buhurt League will give hell when we compete across Europe. I am delighted at the might that we have convened for the Buhurt League. So without further delay I would like to introduce the selection for Swords of Cygnus team 2018 buhurt league.

Steph Kiddle

Sofie Macaenruig

Jo Booth

Cat Booth

Sam Rose

Sam Canvin

Rosy Morton

Reanne Kelf

Kirsty Langley

Ira Bolshakova

Emma Francis

Rachael Ellis

Our first Buhurt League tournament is just 2 weeks away in Germany. We are unbelievably excited to be fighting in 5v5 category so, see you at the Winter Fight Cup!



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