5 Things I Didn’t Know

​It is coming up to almost a year since I joined the UK Federation. A year ago swords of cygnus was not in existance. There is a whole heap of things I didn’t know before Buhurt entered my life. But he’s a round up of the first 5 that come to mind.

1. The meaning of pain

I may have not birthed children but I’ve had my fair share of scrapes and close shaves. Nothing comes close to that halberd to the shoulder between the armour. I learnt a lot of lessons that day. Firstly, I need to get better at fighting. Secondly, inside the list, being bent over is not a great position. And thirdly, I learnt to order lots of new armour.

2. The bonds of teamwork

I know that me and my warrior sister’s are kindred spirits and our relationship out of the list is setting the course for our development in the arena. We know each other inside out, quite literally and our alliance makes us stronger. The more brutal and violent we are the more we benefit each other, it’s an usual bond.
In a sport dominated by men, the UK Federation have always put the Cygnus first without hesitation and their support is unbounding. We would not have achieved what we have without their dedication to our cause and it’s not something we take for granted. We’re lucky to have our FED lions and are proud to be one of them.

3. What the feck a falchion is

Whilst explaining to a civi friend of mine the rules sets of different categories of Historical Medieval Battle. He stops me mid-sentence and asks,

“Jo, 6 months ago, would you have known what a falchion was?”

No, was my answer. Similar to a situation at the St George’s Day London Cup where I politely asked a rather green squire to get me an arming sword. When I was asked “which one is that?” I was completely indignified and the poor chap received a torrent of abuse.

C’mon, who does not know what an arming sword looks like?

4. The beauty of adrenaline.

Whether it’s adrenaline or some ridiculously intense excitement, after a thrilling fight I come out of the list and my hands are shaking for minutes. It doesn’t sound too enjoyable but the elation lasts longer than any pleasure I have known. After a tough tournament the blues only set in once you’re on your way back to the humdrum of work and grey city streets. It does not compare to touring castle to castle, fighting warriors from all over the world who love this sport as much as you do. There’s no half measures in buhurt the dedication is unparalleled and knits a close community of people who are all mad as hatters.

Mighty Thor let this fever never burn away.

5. How to rivet a ting.

In buhurt, when everyone is chopping, hacking, punching, kicking, smacking; things be broken. The most common concern being our beloved and gorgeous articulated armour with rivets pinging here and there. So one must master the art of rivetting. Although the word suggests that it should be undoubtedly fascinating, it’s not.
I was given looks of complete disgust and indifference when I told some of my fellow warriors that I had no idea what a rivet was because apparently knowing how to do rivets is essentially the bread and butter of life. Although I’ll be honest they look at me like that  almost all the time.

So, FOR FREYAS SAKE, for anyone reading this and doesn’t know how to rivet I shall explain:

Get the steel type thing that you want to attach some sort of leather strap to.
Make hole in steel with swirly ended gun machine. Find a rivet (they’re usually in somebody’s tool box in a workshop, look around properly because they’re small). Make sure the rivet fits snuggly in the hole. Make a snuggly hole in the leather too. Put rivet through both holes and put a washer on the end.

Note: sometimes you need a washer and sometimes you don’t. That’s all I can tell you. Only true masters of rivetting know the reasons for this, it’s a sort of divine science. The gods bestow this knowledge only to the truest riveteers. 

Put everything on anvil without dropping it and hit with flat end of hammer really hard. Then round off with round side of hammer in nice circular motion until looking a bit smoother than when you first started.

DON’T FORGET to make sure someone is stood over you watching disapprovingly otherwise, are you even rivetting?

Thank me later. 



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