List-less, But Not For Long!

We’re not the kind of goody two shoes girls who write about our feelings (as I am sure you are well aware) but this week we just cannot contain ourselves…

Dear Diary,

What better reason to write a blog than the fact that you came up with a hilarious pun? Well it kept me amused for the morning.

Life is getting long. Slang I picked up in London.


A lot of effort or not worth the effort. To do a long task would be a trek

‘But my house is long’
‘Yeah and getting there is a bit of a trek’

by Joe July 02, 2004

The Swords of Cygnus women have vivid and vibrant lives but all we can think about is our next competition at the weekend, we eat, sleep, train, work, and breathe, all the while dreaming of buhurt. Making this last week a torment!

What did I used to spend all my time thinking about? Or was I just blank. Listlessly (come on it’s good) pondering nothingness?

But this competition is different. We will have our favourite warrior women Lilly and Jen list-side spiriting us on. And, for the first time the founding women of our Cygnus enterprise Sofie, Rexie and I are going to be fighting together, with our British sister in arms Rosy M. I can only briefly try to explain it as that butterfly feeling in your stomach, except the butterfly is a 8 winged hybrid of the Atlas Moth and Emperor Hawker on narcotics using my stomach as an abandoned warehouse for a illegal bug rave. Okay, so that wasn’t brief. And I did have to use urban dictionary to look up ‘rave’.

Silks – Jo

Liebes Tagebuch,

After two months I will see all my fighter girls and my lovely lilly again! Of course also the guys from the UK Fed! I can’t wait!!

It will be the first time- that I see all of them fighting at a tournament! And I know they all trained hard to do a good job in the Netherlands! 

I’m so excited that I could jump in the air! Just 4 daays!! I can’t stop the smiling in my face!


Dear Diary,
How can I contain myself? It’s always far too long since I have been in armour, but this time it’s different! Finally, I’ll be fighting with my sistras Silk and Trouble. And with our afopted Sistra from WC, Rosy. It will also be my first go at long sword 1v1! I feel like I’m going to burst with excitment! I can’t wait to see our dear Jen again as it feels like forever! And I know we’re in good hands with the support of our trusty Lillypad keeping an eye on us. It’s so close! Netherlands, we’re coming for you!!


Dear diary

I am so excited. 

I have again the amazing opportunity to fight again with the incredible girls from UK fed. 

They have become my other full contact family, and I am honoured to be a part of their team. They are incredible ladies who value friendship, training and the love of all things medieval as I do. This will will be my 5th international tournament, and these lovely ladies have helped me achieve so much. I believe we will fight well, fight hard and I can’t wait to stand side by side with them in our bouhurt wall 🙂

 Rosy mercenary – from White Company

Dear diary,

Meep!! A little bit excited doesn’t even begin to describe how I’m feeling about Kenning Striid! Scared, ecstatic, nervous, happy, excited, you name it I’m feeling them all right now. This will be my first international tournament since having a year out of the sport due to a sports injury. It will also be the first time I will fight alongside my sisters Silks, Rexie and our adopted mercenary Rosy (from the prestigious White Company). I can’t wait! Hehe all da girls! Lilly and Jen will be there too! The ukfed girlie gang are going to bring back gold, it’s just meant to be ☺️

Trouble a.k.a Sofie


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