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Just in case you haven’t been to the Alpes this weekend; here is a copy of La Montagne’s coverage of day 1 of the Tournoi de Béhourd de Saint Germain L’Herm.  We will have a blog to follow shortly but get your teeth stuck into this first!

English translation very kindly done by 

LN Castaing 
Puy-de-Dome News – Sunday, 9th of July 2017, La Montagne.
History – Saint-Germain-L’Herm: 2nd day of historical medieval battle international tournament 
Fighting hard in armours!
130 warriors arrived yesterday in Saint-Germain-L’Herm, eager to battle. The first day of the historical medieval battle tournament (béhourd in French is the term used for medieval historical battles, it’s an old french word which means clash – LN) definitively lived up to its expectations.
“They are really fighting each other” the crowd says excitingly around the wooden arena. The 4th historical  medieval battle tournament – organised by Auvergne Béhourd – took place under a blazing sun. 130 warriors from France and Europe fought each other, one to one or in teams.
An impressive but demanding sport
Saint-Germain-L’Herm’s football pitch became a medieval tournament field where the first battle took place in the morning. The trained warriors used an array of weapons, from longswords to swords and shields, to best each other and demonstrate their skills and technique.

Women fought later on in teams of three, followed by men in teams of five in the most impressive part of the tournament. Everything in historical medieval fighting is real, the warriors train hard and use armours weighing up to 20kg and 30kg for protection. All of the equipment used is a replica of genuine medieval equipment: historical medieval battle is a full contact combat sport but also gathers people who are passionate about medieval history.

The teams fought in the group phase yesterday. Today, the best ones fight in the finals.
Picture 1

BATTLES. 130 fully armoured warriors to fight this week-end, one to one or in teams.

Picture 2

WOMEN. Historical medieval battle has its warrior women

Picture 3

CHILDREN. Modern sword fighting allows children to train and exercice.


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