Females en Force 

I am completely delighted to tell the world that this weekend saw our numbers swell even more! I got to train with three more really enthusiastic women who’ll be joining the team. Esmae has in fact been in the sport longer than I and naturally showed us how it was done fighting the men in 1vs1 on Sunday afternoon. I doubt James has recovered from the thrashing he got even now. 

The weekend was a scorcher and much of Saturday was spent clearing the forest away from our new summer training area and filling in the pot holes to even out the ground. I sustained the majority of my injuries from the weekend fighting Jen in the ‘Woodchip Wars’. JEN has only trained in armour once so I reckoned my chances we’re good at an unarmoured wrestling retaliation. This was not the case, as she has the strength of an ox. I consider my lesson as learnt. I’m going to get the weights and well, hopefully get her back next time. 

This all made for an exhausting time as you can see sister cuddles on the sofa were much needed with our lovely Sofie and Lilly. 

In the scorching afternoon sun we put on our armour and headed to the lists. Blue and I dueled with longsword. Despite her newness to the longsword discipline she showed her skill gained from LARP fighting. Moving like smoke around me. We are gathering a terrifying line up. Blue is preparing for internationals in Poland this summer and is a force to be reckoned with. 

There’s a round up of our weekend. Don’t forget that we are at Colchester Medieval Festival and Oyster Fayre next weekend. Come and join the fun and watch us battle it out! 

‘Til then

Jo (Silk)


One thought on “Females en Force 

  1. i had a great time sparring with Jo and learning the longsword and how to use a polearm! Bring on Poland!


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