Battle of the Nations: World Championships Barcelona


Memoirs of the UK Federations’ exploits at this years championships – for there were many

With the world championships over and new aches and pains apparent, the realisation that it’s over is starting to sink in.
However what an achievement, the Fed played a key part in ranking fourth in the world for the 21v21, unfortunately UK 3 only made it to the playoffs but we never gave up which contributed to team UK winning ‘The Will To Win’ award.
A huge thank you to the fighters and most importantly the support who were vital in keeping us on our feet.

Captain Kurgan

Stand to all yield to none!



After last year I was seriously thinking of retiring this year and not doing the Battle of the Nations but when I had seen where they were going to stage it (la Monumental Barcelona) I had to go.
I knew I would have to train hard to prove I was worthy of getting on the team as there are a lot of new and much younger members of UK Fed who were trying out. So my position would not be guaranteed.
Despite more illness and injuries than I have had in years I have been pleased with my performance and I made it onto the team.
The venue lived up to all I had thought it would. Walking out of the tunnel into the bright sunlight and sound of the arena was like something straight out of the movies.
As for the fighting, on a personal note there have been a few mistakes not many and I can see areas I need to improve on, but I think I have fought harder than ever. In the opening fight against Russia I can honestly say that is the hardest and most sustained I have ever been hit but we held them longer than any of the other teams in our group.
All in all this year’s Battle of the Nations has been the best I have attended in terms of organised, venue and standard of fighting.
I think the UK Federation have proved their position in the UK team and I am proud to fight alongside them.
I also want to thank the UK Fed’s support team and genuinely think they are the best among all the other UK teams.
I look forward to the UK Federation women’s team getting up and going and I think they would form the core of the UK team.

Brian Gunther



BotN 2017, Barcelona saw me attend my third Battle of the Nation’s.
We were to be staged on an old bullring, near the heart of the city.
Upon entering this ring, with two identical lists, i knew HMBia had picked a winner. The sound in there was awesome.
Being busy marshalling, all day for three days, except for the duels, I did not see too much of The Fed, inside a unified UK team, fighting.

What i did see looked tough, but fair. The UK squad was no walkover.

I do not think we had any penalties against us, showing that you can fight hard, have the Will to Win, yet not feel the need to cheat. The UK picked up a trophy, for exactly their will to win. Awesome.
Inside the event, the Fed fighters seemed better prepared, more serious in the fighting, a little less on the partying, and I think that showed with the UK getting fourth in the Royal Category, the big one, the 21’s.
We can all be proud of that, the UKs highest placing in that category.
Overall I come away content.
I had several trainee marshals asking if they could work with me on the Monday, which was an honour. They said I am always moving, so I can watch everything. Err, yeah, that’s how you catch stuff!
Now back in the UK, we can look forward to our summer, and our various events, some home, some away.
Let’s take our brand of tough, but fair, with our willingness to win!

– Jon
UKfed Minion (Marshal)


Sun, sweat, tears and all the fun. Barcelona, La Monumental was an epic location for the championships this year. A beautiful place for the beautiful people who I do this sport with, to come together and do what we do best: fight to the point of exhaustion and beyond, to glory and triumph.


Fighter & Support


So we’re FINALLY at the world championships. Blowing past the “how the hell did THIS happen?!”, what can I say? It’s like someone picked me up and threw me a few centuries into the past. Running around the grounds of the Monumental Bullring, surrounded by people of every nation, in armour and in medieval civi’s.. for a moment I actually believed I’d travelled through time. There’s so much camaraderie, so much respect and excitement between us all. There’s nothing else like it!

When it came to my time in the list, I was a mix of emotions. Trying to stay calm and focused while feeling overwhelmed, excited and the tiniest bit nervous. I didn’t have the whole of The Fed there to watch and cheer me on as they were preparing for the 21s which were on after the women’s 3v3. I did however have my beautiful support crew looking after me and my team. Encouraging us, ensuring we were ready to go in. It’s all a blur now as I look back on it. The sun was strong and turning my protective armour into a person-sized oven. We fought hard, all of us. Unfortunately we didn’t make it through to the finals, and although this did of course make me sad, I’m so proud and pleased to see how hard every single female fighter has been training. There were no half measures here, and in a still male dominated sport, I can see women carving their own path. I’m so excited for next year, I’m yearning for there to be enough women for 5v5 fights!

After my fights, I was still a mix of emotions, this was soon pushed to one side as I switched priorities from fighter to support for the mens 21s. Brutal. Purely brutal and awesome and I want in!! Some say it’s the nearest you’ll get to experiencing what it would be like on the front lines of a medieval battle, and you can see why. I’m so incredibly proud of all our UK lads. No matter what they fought to survive, fought to win! If they went down, they went down heavy bringing no ease to the opposing team.

There’s too much I want to share to fit into this blog. My life is forever changed now. There’s no turning back, no leaving this life. I love the connections I’ve made through this sport, seeing how excited and happy it makes everyone, hearing peoples different war stories and advice. How finding this has given meaning to someone’s life when they felt they didn’t have anything else- that’s beautiful!  I don’t know what else to say other than if this interests you in any way, no matter in what respect, get involved! It will be the BEST decision you’ve ever made.

Rexie out




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