Sun, Sweat and Swords

Garden fight club has been stepped up a notch since we last convened. Our new recruit Kelly stormed in to show us how it’s done and willed us into 6 rounds of circuit training. The sunshine was for the most part a glorious blessing. However, instantly sweating off the sunscreen has left me looking like a torched tomato.

Anyway to the training. Getting together with mates is the best way to train. We work harder and lap up each other’s enthusiasm. I can’t recommend it enough.

AND most of these excercises can be easily set up in the garden! Excellent for freaking out your curtain twitchers next door.

Weapon of choice pell
Press up station

Thors Hammers

Axe chopper

Axe throw

Battle Ropes

6 rounds of these followed by breather.  then run into sword work. Using the space to teach and remember what we’d been taught at training weekends with the Fed. I think it’s important to always go back to basics so we always look at footwork and practice the 8 basic cuts until they become instinctive.

Over the last few weeks we’ve been focused on strength training and it’s really paid off. Translating it into predatory aggression made me feel stronger and unstoppable.

Garden fight club is not just a breeding ground for violence. It’s a place where you can make ground breaking self-discoveries about your physical ability, psychological determination and establish your weapon of choice should the apocalypse rear it’s ugly head. Kelly’s Margot Robbie impression was unsettling, I heard a new mania in her laugh that day.

Bill the Killer arrived fashionably late. To celebrate the sunshine and our hard work Frank fired up the BBQ.  Though soon the revelries turned to a threatening sermon of Bill’s haunting past which I believe was to serve as a reminder to us all… especially hedgehogs.

The summer nears and with it arrives the raiding season. We all should be preparing for battle.

We were sent news from the south coast that fellow fighter, Ez is readying for war. Soon we will be United – and we will prevail.

London Cup and Barcelona preparation THIS WEEKEND . We have new recruits joining us so it’s going to be a belter!
See you there warriors!


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