Fun in the Snow


Sofie, Jenny and Lilly supporting the troops. Photographer: Phil Cook


So a couple of weeks ago now the Ukfed took two teams of fighters to the Winter Fight Cup in Germany. In a monastery, smothered in snow and ice in the middle of nowhere for lack of a better description.

I would like to say, that the long drive over there in the Battle Bus, across the channel and through many countries glimpsed through sleepy eyes, was even a relatively respectable and enjoyable affair. However, I would not be speaking the truth if I did. Because there are far too many ‘wet willys‘ and the like involved in a journey with members of the Ukfed.

Even by the standards of your average, decent and virtuous individual.
Anyway we made it there with out too many horrendous puns, which are a given, on long journeys in close proximity to the wonderful, smelly, and oh so endearing men who made up our two teams.

We were welcomed by the white flecks of falling snow and a bitter cold which is Germany at this time of year. We inspected the grounds for the event, along with the lists (arena) that the boys would be fighting in the next day. Speculations on how long the lists would survive the harsh consequences of 5v5 Buhurt was the main topic of conversation on arrival. Respect to the organisers of the event, it only came apart at the corners a couple of times.

Over the next two days I watched, filmed and supported our fighters, loving every minute of it at the same time as hating it. Only because I couldn’t be in the arena too, due to the injury I am still recovering from. Only a few months now, and I can rejoin the fight, returning home battered and bruised but happy and satisfied in every way 😉

Ukfed team 1 brought home bronze! So proud of them and appreciative of the hard work that got them there from all party’s involved.

Teamwork and knowing how to have a good time, the best ingredients for success.

Photographer: Paul Willis

Now, while our boys were working their way to glory, I was also watching the women’s category closely. Trying to glean as much as I could from outside the arena, taking advantage of the fact I wasn’t oxygen deprived, being bashed about the head and with so much adrenaline pumping through my veins all I can think about is the next punch to my opponents face… Hehe. The two members of the German team I know from being involved in the sport so far, Melanie, and her teammate Denise both dominated the tournament, their team achieving first place in the 3v3 fights and Denise winning the sword and board.

What I learnt from watching them:
Warm up
Skidding on snow and ice in armour looks like so much fun
Keep moving
Focus, get in the zone and concentrate on nothing but the fight before you go in

There aren’t enough women in the sport!

So if you like the sound of some fun in the snow or wherever it might be, our love of stoving each other’s heads in leads us, come join us and never look back.

Train hard, fight easy guys, and never forget to have fun!



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