Starting the New year in Style

First training of the year and with it the Annual General Meeting! Many decisions were made of earth shattering signficance.
Not least of all, a decision to purchase new competition tabbards.  This has lead to a cumbersome mass debate on colour schemes and trimmings which rages on.
But, enough of that.

Sunday training began with warm ups. We passed the morning practising punching with soft shield much like a boxing mitt workout. The aim is to ensure we are moving our whole bodies into the punch when we are shield-bludgeoning someone. This maximises power and minimises effort from the upper arms which tire quickly when laden with armour.
The afternoon saw us putting all the training into practice in a secluded car park. We drew in some intrigued onlookers from the village and gave them a bit of show.

Overall, it was a great weekend. I struggle with the endurance of fighting in the armour. Something I’ll be focusing on in the weeks to come. I had the time to get to know the team much better. They’re as excited as me about driving progression for the women’s team this year which was hugely encouraging.
However it means there’s lots of work to be done and it’s full burn on the workouts.



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